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Computer Lab

Cybernetics and information technology have made inroads into academic programs globally. The school offers the most enticing computer curricula. The labs are equipped with individual desktops for individual learners. The students are given hands on training from the basics to the high-tech. Besides, the students are connected globally via the internet.

Maths Lab

The latent Math potential of the child is brought to the limelight in the Math lab where numerical ideas and techniques are kindles. Your child will be a Ramanujan when entrusted with PeeVees. The lab is well equipped with latest material of global standards which create a passion for learning Math. “Say no to fear of math learning at PeeVees.


Science Lab

We have three labs for each of the sciences - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These labs are well equipped and cater to the needs of the various syllabi that the students opt for. Here the students perform various experiments pertaining to their field of study. The spacious science labs help the students to work concurrently and in unison as a team. The highlighting feature is the safety standard that allows high quality practical work in science learning to happen unhindered and very effectively.


Digitalized Class Room

PeeVees has taken revolutionary steps to provide smart classes, knowledge process outsourcing, the most effective projectors and multimedia to meet the needs, means and ends in teaching-learning processes. TATA Interactive Systems Company has been entrusted to implement the technology and system. TATA has proven track record in this area and is entrusted by premium Schools in the Country to digitalize and implement interactive system. We are also investing in Teachers by way of training to enable them impart education effectively.


English Language Lab

Our English Language Lab is fully equipped with laboratories to facilitate language learning in a fun and interactive manner. English Language Labs were designed to keep children engaged in learning a language and also increasing their retention power. Each student is assigned with a PC with loaded software so that they can try the audio-visual exercises to hone their language skills. The headphones and microphones let them listen to the audio books and practice articulation simultaneously without disturbing the class.